What is a Moving Blanket?


A Moving Blanket is a blend of polyester mesh and cotton material that provides a great heavy duty blanket with the ultimate protection. Furniture Moving Pads may also be called Moving Blankets, Moving Pads, Furniture Pads, and numerous other combinations but have the same goal of protecting cargo from scratches. Moving Blankets are used by both professional and ametuer movers to protect items that have wooden surfaces or other sensitive surfaces that may require extra padding.

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Furniture moving pads are great for anyone who plans on moving to a new location or a professional moving business who could benefit from the extra layer of protection to ensure that all items that are moved arrive at their destination scratch free. There is nothing worse than going through a stressful and time-consuming move than to arrive at the destination with damaged or scratched goods. Moving Blankets can help prevent both minor and major scratches from occurring with our heavy duty weight moving blankets that help fight against the toughest of scratches.

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What sets our moving blankets and furniture pads away from our competitors is our high-quality polyester and cotton mesh fabric. Heavy in weight these heavy duty Furniture blankets provide excellent protection for even the strongest scratches. Our W pattern stitching on the Moving Blankets provide a great heavy duty, yet durable material that is made to last.

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We also offer lighter weight Moving Blankets that are perfect for those one time uses, as well as easier to store. The lightweight moving blankets may be used for a more limited run compared to our heavy duty multiple uses moving blankets. If you aren’t sure what fits your application best here are a few questions to ask yourself. Are you looking to move multiple times where the moving blankets will be used frequently, or will this be a once or twice moving event?

Chances are if you intend on moving once or twice then our Lightweight Moving Blankets that provide a great affordable price, light in weight, and may be less durable will be more ideal for you. However, if you are a professional mover who may be looking to make several moves in a short period or long term than our more durable and greater protection that may be provided by our heavy duty furniture pads may be greater fitting for you.

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Our Moving Blankets come in the dimensions of 72×80 as part of the Moving Blankets industry standard. Moving blankets can vary in weights depending on lightweight, traditional, or heavy-duty moving blankets being the heaviest due to the amount of protection each size offers.

Moving Blankets & Furniture Pads have become an absolute MUST in the moving industry. There is nothing worse than purchasing a nice wooden kitchen table with a wonderful stain pattern and when you are putting in it the new home you look down and see a massive scratch down the middle of it. All of this could have been prevented with the use of high quality moving blankets to highly reduce the chance of receiving damage on your new table.