We are Zhejiang Allwa Industrial Limited, professional direct sales moving Blankets, we have crossed the middlemen, and direct manufacturers sell to end customers.
Our products are economical, advanced and luxurious. And designed a protective cover that meets other household items.
We have established a rigorous quality control system, including broken needle checks, and each blanket check is very careful in every procedure.
We ensure that our products have the best features and quality for all consumers. We handle recycling, finishing, Quilted ,Sewing and making blankets from materials.
And direct ship to the customer address from China, we have reduced most of the middle of the process and procedures to save costs and give back to our customers, so we have an unbeatable price.
At present, we deal with the smallest order as a Pallet, mainly deal with for wholesale and end-use customers, and temporarily do not serve retail customers.
If you want to be our agent or wholesaler, we offer an OEM custom server that can be branded with your logo.
Please, click the want wholesales button above the menu bar,
Direct Sales Moving blanket
Direct Sales Moving blankets are the number one source of high-quality Moving blankets, providing excellent protection for your valuables. Whether you are moving for the first time or a professional moving company, we have different moving blankets to meet your requirements. Our economical Moving blankets offer limited protection compared to our advanced Moving carpets. Compared to our state-of-the-art Moving blankets, luxury Moving blankets can be moved multiple times without replacement, which can last for a while, depending on stress.
The economical Moving blanket is made of non-woven fabric for limited time and limited protection. The advanced Moving blanket is made of polyester fabric, providing an extra layer of protection for any sensitive surface, such as wooden tables, furniture and appliances. Wait. Moving a blanket saves you hours of valuables, such as pictures, lights and other sensitive materials, rather than traditional plastic packaging.
The luxurious Moving blanket is our most powerful Moving blanket blend made of high quality microfiber fabric to prevent those nasty scratches. Nothing is worse than the recent purchase of a wooden table, because it needs to be replaced during the movement due to those nasty scratches and sharp edge friction. Moving the blanket helps prevent surface scratches, and small jingles and dents damage the item during movement.
Are you a professional moving company that requires professional-grade Moving carpets of different types and colors? We offer a wide range of the highest quality, professional grade furniture moving blankets for your business.
If you are planning to order a bulk Moving blanket, contact our team and we will be happy to provide you with a shipping quote and help you find the best shipping price for your Moving blanket needs. Our Moving blanket specialists have years of experience in moving blankets to help you find the Moving app that works best for you